Pondless Water Features

Beautifying Homes With Waterfalls & Streams In Southern California

Small waterfall tumbling into stream

The sights and sounds of water with no maintenance.

  • Enjoy your waterfall or stream without any maintenance
  • Perfect for families with small children and pets
  • A fantastic focal point for smaller yards
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How A Pondless Water Feature Works

There Is No Pond Basin

Instead of water filling up a pond, the water from a waterfall or stream empties into gravel. The water level can actually come a few inches above the gravel if desired.

The Gravel Acts As Another Filter

Since the water has to pass through the gravel to get to the recirculation pond pump, it helps to filter out larger debris.

Small stream flowing next to well and between trees
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Pondless Water Feature Transformation

Go From This…

Pondless Water Feature SoCal

… To This In 1 Day!

They’re Easy To Maintain

Pondless water features can give you less to worry about while still enjoying a full water feature. They are great for relaxing alone or for gathering around with loved ones.

They’re Great For Kids & Pets

Ponds usually have about 2′ of water while pondless water features can have less than 1″. This makes them very safe.

They’re Perfect For Small Spaces

Not everyone wants a large pond. These smaller water features are great for any space!

Pondless Water Features Require A Pond Specialist

Small waterfall and stream

A Pondless Water Feature Is A Unique Project

  • Make sure to hire a Certified Aquascape Contractor (the manufacturer of the Pondless Water Feature)
  • Ensure the company understands the ecosystem of a pondless

You deserve a fantastic experience to go with your new pondless oasis!

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Features That Can Be A Pondless Water Feature

Our Proven Process For Customer Satisfaction


During the consultation step, we will talk about your specific pondless water feature project and see how we can help.


Once we agree to the scope of work and collect a deposit, we’ll put your project on the schedule so you’ll know what day and time we’re showing up!


We’re going to install your pondless water feature based on your vision as discussed in step 1. We love this part!

Post-Job Walkthrough

Once the job is complete, we’ll go over your new water feature together to show you how it operates and make sure you absolutely love it!


After we leave your home, we’ll follow up with you a few days later to check-in on how you’re enjoying your new pondless oasis.

We Strive For Happiness

A 10 Star Waterfall & Stream, Irvine CA
Yelp Reviews

“…What an amazing addition to our courtyard area. Communication was fantastic. I would gladly recommend them to friends and family. Thank you Dave for exceeding our expectations. 10 Stars!”

-Daniel C.

Happy Wife, Easy Life, Laguna Hills CA
Yelp Reviews

“I don’t normally write a review but ever since Dave created a beautiful water stream in my back yard, I thought he deserves to be recognized…My wife and I are very pleased with the outcome. Happy Wife, Easy Life…”

-Jim R.

The Best Ideas & Designs, Aliso Viejo CA
Yelp Reviews

“This IS the guy to hire when you’re looking to do a water feature in your yard…We got just what we wanted at a reasonable price with only the best materials…We could not be happier!!!”

-Laura P.

Designing Beauty & Exceeding Expectations, Tuskin CA
Yelp Reviews

“…They designed and created a beautiful pond with waterfalls! And exceeded all our expectations…Dave was upfront with costs and no hidden or added fees…I will definitely refer AquaLife Ponds to friends and family…”

-Ruby A.

Commonly Asked Questions

The average price of a pondless water feature is $7500.

The base price of one is $4100.

While the timeline varies based on size, they generally take 1-2 days.

Pondless water features are virtually no maintenance.

The water in a pondless water feature recirculates by passing through the gravel into the pump that feeds the water back to the spillway.

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