Pond Repair & Renovation

Make Your Water Feature One You’re Proud Of

People sitting on patio across bridge leading over the pond

You deserve to have a water feature you love.

  • Enjoy your pond with friends and family
  • Keep it low maintenance for less work and more pleasure
  • Set up the ecosystem the right way for koi fish

We want to help you perfect your pond and keep it that way.

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Common Water Feature Problems We Fix

Your Water Feature Is Leaking

If your water feature has a leak, we’ll work with you to try and fix it.

Your Water Is Brown Or Green

A simple Drain & Clean may fix the problem, but sometimes that only fixes the symptom.

We’ll find out what’s causing the issue.

Your Pump Needs To Be Replaced

A pump can burn out.

Our pumps have warranties!

The #1 Reason For A Complete Renovation

Smaller pond next to patio with rocks, aquatic plants, and turtles

Create Your Paradise Your Own Way

Sometimes, our clients just decide to start from scratch. And that’s ok.

They have been staring at this eyesore for too long and know that just “fixing” the feature won’t really make them happy.

When this is the case, they decide to just start over and build the water feature the way they dream it.

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Pond Transformations Around The Area

Small Pond In San Marcos Renovated - Before Picture
Small Pond Renovated In San Marcos - After

This homeowner’s turtle pond wasn’t fit for turtles.

So we fixed that.

How much longer are you going to look at that eyesore?

You deserve better.

Southern California Pond Renovated - Before
Southern California Pond Renovated - After
Southern California Pond Renovated - Before
Southern California Pond Renovated - After

How much longer are you going to look at that eyesore?

You deserve better.

Have You Inherited A Water Feature? An Exploratory Drain & Clean Might Be Just For You!

Look Into Our Exploratory Drain & Clean Service

Our Proven Process For Customer Satisfaction


During the consultation step, we will talk about your specific project and see how we can help.


Once we agree to the scope of work and collect a deposit, we’ll put your project on the schedule so you’ll know what day and time we’re showing up!


During this step, we’re going to do the construction involved with either repairing or completely renovating your water feature.

Post-Job Walkthrough

We’ll then go over your new (or improved) water feature together to show you how it operates and make sure you absolutely love it!


After we leave your home, we’ll follow up with you a few days later to check-in on how you’re enjoying your newly fixed feature!

We Strive For Happiness

Refurbishing A Waterfall, Anaheim CA
Yelp Reviews

“After meeting with Dave to get all my options, I decided to hire them to refurbish my waterfall. Eric and the crew were very helpful and thoughtful. Love the finished product.”

-Richard S.

Exceeding Expectations While Staying Within Limits, Dana Point CA
Yelp Reviews

“They delivered exactly what we discussed on time and on budget…And the end product far exceeded all my expectations…..With the utmost confidence I can recommend AquaLife ponds to anyone…”

-Paul V.

Amazing Pond To Pondless Conversion, Garden Grove CA
Yelp Reviews

“My pump died on my 10 year old pond and decided to refurbished complete pond…I will be calling them back for maintenance next year and glad I found someone to help me with my pond if I have problems…”

-G S.

Beautiful Fountain Repair, Huntington Beach CA
HomeAdvisor Reviews

“David came to my rescue! We were unable to find anyone to repair our three fountains…We are now enjoying our fountains – working, painted, and beautifully lit.”

-Myrna R.

Commonly Asked Questions

On average, the final price of a pond renovation comes out to be around $17000.

The cost of a basic pond renovation has a starting price of $7900.

Like the price of a pond renovation, this varies depending on size and additional features.

A $7900 renovation takes about 1-2 days while a $17000 renovation takes between 3-5 days.

We will bring a large tank with aeration to make sure the fish are safe and happy! Trust us, we’re koi people ­čÖé

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