New Pond Construction

Bringing A Piece Of Paradise To Homes In Southern California

Huge pond with 2 tier waterfall and aquatic plants

No matter the design, backyard ponds should all serve the same function – enhance your life:

  • Bring a natural, living piece of art to your yard
  • Listen to the soothing sound of flowing water
  • Enjoy your at-home vacation every single day
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Koi Ponds Are An At-Home Paradise

Increase Time Spent With Friends & Family

Ponds are fun, exciting, and draw people to them because they are a piece of nature not seen very often in backyards. It’s a great reason to get together and enjoy each other’s company.

Bring Nature Home

With a koi pond, you can bring the sights and sounds of nature to your Southern California home. What better way to relax at the end of the day or on the weekends?

Smaller pond next to patio with rocks, aquatic plants, and turtles

We Don’t Just Care About Ponds, We Care About You

Girl sitting on the edge of a pond

At the heart of it all, we’re pond enthusiasts:

  • We’ll build your pond as if it were going in our own backyards
  • You should enjoy the experience of getting a new pond, so we make sure we’re there on the day we agreed upon
  • We hate those “surprise” charges as much as you do, so we don’t have them

You deserve to have a great experience getting your pond back to perfect.

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Our Proven Process For Customer Satisfaction


During the consultation step, we will talk about your specific project and see how we can help.


Once we agree to the scope of work and collect a deposit, we’ll put your project on the schedule so you’ll know what day and time we’re showing up!


We’re going to install your new koi pond oasis based on your vision as discussed in step 1.

Post-Job Walkthrough

Once the job is complete, we’ll go over your new pond together to show you how it operates and make sure you absolutely love it!


After we leave your home, we’ll follow up with you a few days later to check-in on how you’re enjoying your new backyard oasis.

We Strive For Happiness

Pond Better Than Imagined, Garden Grove CA
HomeAdvisor Reviews

“Dave did a great job of helping me decide and plan my pond area. It turned out far better than I imagined…Dave’s Customer service and follow up policies are the best I’ve ever experienced with any project.”

-Norma A.

A Passion For Water Features, La Crescenta-Montrose CA
Yelp Reviews

“Dave and his team are top notch. Dave has helped me with many questions about my own pond and from that I can tell he is very passionate about what he/they do.”

-Dominic C.

Making Dreams Come True, Corona CA
Yelp Reviews

“Lance, Eric, Nick and Jose are excellent people that helped make my dream of a Quintessential beauty come true…Thanks!”

-Amir G.

A Great Experience & A Happy Client, La Palma CA
HomeAdvisor Reviews

“Dave is a very personal guy with a good, happy attitude. Listened to what I said I wanted…I am very happy with the pond and waterfalls.”

-Kenneth R.

Commonly Asked Questions

Fun fact: We’ve built a pond for $130k!

On average, the final price of a pond comes out to be around $17000.

The cost of a new koi pond has a starting price of $7900. While this is the base price, the cost varies with an increase in size and additional features.

For a pond that costs $17000, it takes 3-5 days to complete.

A $7900 pond takes 1-2 days.

A Koi Pond doesn’t really have a set size. Our ponds start around 7 ft x 10 ft x 2 ft.

The average pond we put in is about 10 ft x 15 ft x 2 ft.

While there are additional options to make it even lower maintenance, a new koi pond should require about 10 minutes every other week.

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