Exploratory Drain & Clean

Ensure Your Water Feature Looks Its Best For Years To Come

Small indoor pond with LED lights and waterfall

Let’s face it, it can be downright frustrating when your pond looks murky and may not even function properly.

Our Exploratory Drain & Clean service includes:

  • A full cleaning for clear water and a beautiful feature
  • A total inspection to determine the health of your water feature
  • A walkthrough with our technician on how your feature works
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What An Exploratory Drain & Clean Entails

Many first-time clients love this service because it’s more than just a full pond or water feature cleaning, it comes with learning everything about your feature.

Step 1: Drain & Clean Your Water Feature

By the time we’re done, your water feature will be totally clean and looking its best. What’s the point of owning a water feature if the water is dirty?

Step 2: Full Water Feature Inspection

Think of it like the multipoint inspection you get for your car. This is similar as it will tell us the health and status of your feature.

Step 3: Educating You On How Your Water Feature Works

Some clients like to learn about how their feature works and what they need to do to maintain it. We can help with that!

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Why An Exploratory Drain & Clean?

Our first-time clients love our Exploratory Drain & Clean service:

Save Time

We can learn all about your pond while we clean it. This way if anything needs fixing we can find it and make recommendations.

This helps, in the long run, to keep your pond looking great with minimal headache.

Get Your Perfect Pond Back

It’s hard to enjoy a pond when it doesn’t work like a dream.

We like to ensure our clients have a clean, smoothly functioning water feature.

Plant lining stream alongside a wall

Don’t Just Fix The Symptom, Fix The Problem

Exploratory drain and clean for this drained pond

Ponds & water features are a very niche industry, so be sure to hire an expert:

  • Avoid someone just “glancing” over major problems
  • Give your water feature the fresh start it deserves
  • Learn how to take care of your feature from a company that has inspected thousands of ponds
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Our Proven Process For Customer Satisfaction


During the consultation step, we will talk about your exploratory drain & clean project and see how we can help.


Once we decide to move forward together, we’ll put your project on the schedule so you’ll know what day and time we’re showing up!

Drain & Clean

We’re going to drain the water feature so we can clean away excess matter. This helps give the ecosystem a fresh start.

Inspection & Refilling

We then complete a multi-point inspection to determine it’s health. Once complete, we’ll start to refill your water feature!


Once the cleaning and inspection are done, we’ll educate you on our findings. We’ll then guide you on how to care for your water feature.

We Strive For Happiness

Immediate Care For Liner Leak, San Juan Capistrano CA
HomeAdvisor Reviews

“They were a great crew and created more than I expected. ..A leak was taken care of immediately due to the liner on one side. I highly recommend this company to anyone wanting to create a water feature!”

-Gloria H.

Finding An Elusive Leak, Laguna Hills CA
HomeAdvisor Reviews

“…In particular, I was very impressed by the way in which Lance Cater went about the task of troubleshooting a leak in my concrete pond…Lance literally left no stone untouched! His attention to detail, dedication to and passion for his work is exemplary…”

-Richard R.

Making Dreams Come True, Corona CA
Yelp Reviews

“Lance, Eric, Nick and Jose are excellent people that helped make my dream of a Quintessential beauty come true…Thanks!”

-Amir G.

A Beautiful Pond, Gardena CA
HomeAdvisor Reviews

“They did an excellent job. The pond turned out to be beautiful!”

-Jeanette M.

Commonly Asked Questions

Exploratory Drain & Cleans on average cost $1200. This is all dependent on the size of the water feature and how dirty it is.

These start at $850 for the most basic features that are in decent shape.

We bring in a large, portable fish tank with an aerator to keep your fish nice and happy.

Trust us, we love your fish as much as you do!

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